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Slickline X line Running Tool Assembly

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How to assemble and disassemble the Brace Tool X Line running tool. Industry leader in High quality thru tubing, pressure control, wireline and completions equipment, Specialising in slickline tools and wireline tools. Check us out today www.bracetool.com
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Javier Torres (2 months ago)
that was the first thing we learn when we started working slickline
Mohamed Ben La7bib (3 months ago)
Goooood job .👍
Vantage point (8 months ago)
Am locking for an X-Lock that can lock on an X-nipple and still hang downhole completion tools below
Ryan Donovan (3 months ago)
+Vantage point contact [email protected]
Vantage point (8 months ago)
Am looking for an X-lock that can lock on an X-nipple profile and still hang off downhole completion tools below
Rene Lupfer (10 months ago)
Just came along this video...even Brace tools engineers do it wrong. Placing the weakest part of the x-line tool in a vice is not great. A manufacturer should know better.
Prasanai S., User (1 year ago)
Reffering to about 2:53/7:40 , Could you tell me about function of this part when set plug temporary by selective and none selective, thank you in advance.
Abdelouahab Taalba (2 years ago)
great job, we need more videos
Troy Carpenter (3 years ago)
I used to do these with my eyes shut to prove I could. Good old Otis days. I redress them quite a bit different to how you do them. If we would have gripped the section of the mandrel that goes into the X-Lock fish neck in the vice as you did, we would have got our wrist slapped. You can see on the video where you have marked it. Good video though. It gets the job done for those not in the know. Like the magnets idea.
Bakytzhan Jemenei (1 year ago)
Hi..! he very slowly collects, but excellent. An excellent idea of ​​using a magnet. but I without it, assorted and collected and very quickly.

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