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EyeofSol: Song of the Sea - Maritime Magnificence

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Subscribe for more reviews! ► http://goo.gl/cmIzWN EyeofSol's Facebook Page ►https://www.facebook.com/EyeofSol EyeofSol's Twitter Page ► https://twitter.com/EyeofSol299 EyeofSol's Twitch Channel ► http://www.twitch.tv/eyeofsol In the fifth episode of EyeofSol, I tackle my first movie review, and take a look at the Oscar nominee "Song of the Sea".
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Zain Chupacabra (1 month ago)
My biggest question is which god is God in this movie? They have gods from Celtic folklore (or at least implied), but in other parts there were literally photos of Christ! In the home of a witch no less!
Niklas Universe (3 months ago)
Saoirse dying is a pretty good reason for the adventure happening. Plus, it's not only her. The fairies need to be saved too. Just because it's not a threat to the entire world doesn't mean it's not urgent.
Dminor Wolfy (3 months ago)
I finally saw this. It was so zen that it put me to sleep twice. I have trouble sleeping, so it did me a favor. One small detail is, we can pinpoint what year this movie is set. The technology the people use is not so advanced. At 3:40 there are several details that help. the clock radio, the design of the ceiling light, wallpaper, all the furniture, his walkman. Puts it all in the year 1979. Ah, I was close. This is from the IMDb page "With regard to when the film takes place, it begins on 31 October 1981, then skips to late October 1987. This setting is also evident by Ben's use of a Walkman-type tape player, rather than an MP3 player. Director Tomm Moore set it in this period because he was 10 years old at the time, and also he saw it as a transitional time for Ireland, between the economic recession of the 1980s and the new wealth of the Celtic Tiger era."
Nikolas Mace (3 months ago)
Can you look at GODZILLA Planet of the MONSTERS?
Natalie Tiraspolsky (4 months ago)
And also I met the animators
Natalie Tiraspolsky (4 months ago)
Guys you forgot one really important moment it is not just a fairy tale but an Irish fairy tale and the Irish have a lot of crazy damn shit
6:48 I have figured out roughly where the movie is set that is a European badger which like the name suggests are found in Europe often confused with the American badger only found in us and some parts of Canada
The Spirit of the Green (8 months ago)
This movie takes place in 1987 Sol.
B T (8 months ago)
I was watching this review with my 3 and 5 year old, when out came the cuss word, sorry i would have like to watch the rest of the review. FYI, its my girls favourite movie!
sarthak ! (8 months ago)
Trying to be funny, seriously don't
sarthak ! (8 months ago)
EyeofSol now you are doing it again.
EyeofSol (8 months ago)
Trying to be offensive by commenting on a three year old review by a still-inexperienced reviewer at the time saying it's not funny, seriously don't.
Charlene Pham (10 months ago)
I don't get why their mom had to leave right after giving birth????
Sophie Sophie (1 year ago)
Think your 1st review was great well put together and put across. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this movie. I couldn't find anything negative to say about this movie. For me it's a great tale for young and old. Lovely music, songs and great animation.. so sit back on your sofa and enjoy
So are you going to review secret of kells?
Eric Miller (1 year ago)
My mom watched it and she was crying majorly, not to mention my eyes were sweating a lot
wassupppls123 (1 year ago)
I was satisifed overall. The animation for it was beautiful. Really liked the how they animated the sister!
Adrienne McCullum (1 year ago)
It takes place in October 31, 1981, then to October 31, 1987. I looked it up on IMDb.
Tiarnan Glavin (1 year ago)
The movie was set in ireland and I last heard that it was set in 1987
nuria osle (1 year ago)
read up on Irish folklore
nuria osle (1 year ago)
the city is obviously Dublin
Diego Diaz (1 year ago)
Full Voice Actor List David Rawle: Ben (Age 10) - Kevin Swierszcz: Ben (Age 4) - Lucy O'Connel: Saoirse - Brendan Gleeson: Connor (The Father), Mac Lir - Lisa Hannigan: Bronagh (The Mother) - Fionnula Flannigan: The Grandmother, Macha the Owl Witch - Jon Kenny: Ferry Dan, The Great Seanachai - Liam Hourican: Spud the Fairy, A Bus Driver - Pat Shortt: Lug the Fairy - Colm O Snodaigh: Mossy - Lewis Macleod: Multiple Males - Lorraine Pilkington: Multiple Females - Paul Tylak: Multiple Males - Jules DeJong: Multiple Females
Diego Diaz (1 year ago)
When I made my list of my ten favorite Non-Disney Animated Movies, Song of the Sea ended up at #3 on that list. First of all, this movie has real children voicing the stars. I truly prefer real child voices over adults pretending to be children. Secondly, although I am troubled by Ben's apparent disrespect for Saoirse, that only makes me more touched when Ben finally accepts her as a sister. Not to mention how the loss of his mother helps me think of my #1 favorite Non-Disney movie, The Land Before Time. However, the main reason why I like Song of the Sea is how I felt when I first saw it. In late 2014 and early 2015, I was in a bad mood over how computer animation was stealing movie theaters from drawing animation. I was very upset that there were no 2D animated movies getting released in theaters. But then came March 2015, when I went to a movie theater and saw Song of the Sea. Seeing 2D Animation back on the big screen felt like a breath of fresh air, and it made my eyes feel very comfortable. After seeing Song of the Sea in theaters, I felt some hope and relief for the future of 2D drawing animation. Therefore, I mostly put Song of the Sea on my favorites list out of sentimental value and as a way of saying Thank You to this movie.
MetaCross (1 year ago)
When I watched this movie I connected so much with the boy that I hated her sister and every scene she was in. Lol.
Blade O’Brian (1 year ago)
Yeah I love this movie and Secret of Kels to death.
gorrilaboy22 (1 year ago)
By your logic, there's no villain in spirited away, but that didn't stop it from being one of if not the best animated movie ever.
EyeofSol (1 year ago)
Gotcha :)
gorrilaboy22 (1 year ago)
+EyeofSol It just sounded like you believe the owl witch is not a villain even though she turned many fairies to stone. The villains that are only bad for the sake of being bad or selfish are quite rare. Just because the actions of a villain can be justified, that doesn't make them any less villainous to the accuser. Even Conor's throwing away of the selkie coat can be considered a villainous act. I liked your review; I'm just being picky.
EyeofSol (1 year ago)
+gorrilaboy22 I think not having a villain is a good thing, if done right. Are you thinking that I think that's a bad thing?
c0mpu73rguy (2 years ago)
Saorise as I got was one of the last selkie in the human world. And fairies and mythical creatures can't survive there, they need the selkie to sing the Song of the Sea to take them back in their world. Now why were they in the human world to begin with, or why isn't Ben half magical since his mother was a Selkie, I have no idea. I also didn't got why Saorise was dying but you made me understood, it must have been because she was too far from her coat or from the sea. Since she tries to get her coat, my guess would be that she needs to put it on and go swimming once in a while in order to survive so both the coat and the sea are needed. She's half seal after all. And the other characters were developed enough weren't they? At least through the parallels with them and the mythical creatures.
Feliz Navidad (2 years ago)
I always relate to Saoirse more than others since she's mute.
Feliz Navidad (2 years ago)
Nice review. 😄
Christina McDonald (2 years ago)
I believe what they are saving is the Gods/Goddesses and fairy folk from being lost. If you noticed most had been turned to stone. By playing the song of the sea she brings all of the fae out of the stones rescuing them.
Chaser (2 years ago)
Nice one Sol,this movie is fantastic,i can see how your video quality had change from time to time but still keeping it the entertaining nonetheless,also Congratulations for 7K subscribers. :D
Feliz Navidad (2 years ago)
Nice review, Magical girl movies like Madoka rarely perform well nationwide in American cinemas.
MeliaTheMuffin (2 years ago)
The art style reminds me a lot of Broken age, if anyone's played that :3
Silence of the hills (2 years ago)
Nika Bišćan (2 years ago)
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Silence of the hills (2 years ago)
+EyeofSol but it still looks cool though compared to my videos yours are better
Silence of the hills (2 years ago)
+EyeofSol oh from a distance it looks like the Silent Hill symbol
EyeofSol (2 years ago)
It's Legend of Zelda, actually... The Gate of Time.
SapphireShield (2 years ago)
There's more to Ben not liking his sister than just her getting more attention. He blames her for their mother's 'death' because from his perspective at the beginning his mother died giving birth to her. It's true at least that because of her, their mother couldn't be with them anymore. Good riddance to the bitch though, who just came and tried to split the family enough further without a word. The peril doesn't involve saving the world, but they did save the faeries and got closer as a family.
Darragh (2 years ago)
the city in this film is where I live and this movie was never in cinemas here far as I know, seems rather strange
Filip Ahlers (2 years ago)
I think it's kinda harsh to be raking on the movie for not having a grand "SAVE THE WORLD" plot. Especially because it kinda does; Only a Selkie can save the Faery race from dying out, and let them return home, so it's their world that is to be saved. And if you mean that it is because it doesn't affect human lives too much, then let me ask you this: What would the world suffer, if humanity died out? Probably not much. In fact a lot of animals, and big parts of the world would probably be better for it. But if the chips went down, and humanity was at stake, you would probably wish that things got set right too. And therein lies the conflict for the Faeries. The very last Selkie has been found, and she is on the verge of dying. And if she dies without singing her song, then the Faery folk are doomed to slowly wither away without ever returning home to the life they were supposed to live. It is a grand scale, world-saving plot, just, not centered around humans. It is the fate of the Faeries being decided, and I, for one have the compassion for such matters, that I can take the world seriously.
zachanikwano (1 year ago)
thank you
ryan is gay (3 years ago)
I LOVE THIS MOVIE SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ben sturr (3 years ago)
One thing that people don't really grasp about this movie is that it is all a fairy tail, Ben and saorse aren't trying to save the world, they're just trying to get home, the reason Ben draws the map is so he can get back to cu, the fact that the giant is eternally greiving his lost love is almost directly related to their father, and maka is just a mother who is looking after her son, even if she goes to extreme means at some points. And of course, the old man with all the hair is the talkative boat captain, who always has a story to tell as he gets you to where you need to go. This movie is not supernatural in any way shape or form.
Zain Chupacabra (1 month ago)
So then did the part at the end where they meet their mother again just represent them coming to terms with what really happened?
Kate Sirko (3 years ago)
The flaw you mentioned, in my opinion, came from your interpretation of the movie. I never saw it as trying to push a save-the-world thing at you, I saw it as a very clear save-your-sister (and faeries) problem. It never was about the human world or changing it somehow, it was only about faeries who had to complete their fate, as to say. So the climax was very natural for me. I mean, it is a simple story and it's meant to be. It's beautiful in its simplicity and being so close to life where there are no villains, only living beings and their choices. I found it flawless. It was like sitting at the fire and listen to your elders telling you a legend.
EyeofSol (3 years ago)
+Kate Sirko You make a fair point, indeed. I do think this movie is open to interpretation, but the way I felt the climax was set up felt a little bit too, well, for lack of a better word, "epic" for such a localized conflict. I don't think it's a problem with the movie in any way, it was just something I noticed and felt was worth mentioning. Thanks for watching my review! :)
Ryan Largey (3 years ago)
If you like this one then you should watch it's predecessor Secret of Kells
Bl00G8R (3 years ago)
Ryan Largey (3 years ago)
EyeofSol (3 years ago)
+Ryan Largey Thanks for the suggestion! I will add it to my list :)
RobotsWithKnives (3 years ago)
I've got to say, your flaw with Song of the Sea, was one of my favorite things about it. Maybe I'm just old and jaded, but the whole 'save the world' type plots are a lot less compelling then a plot about smaller more localized issues. I find it hard to care about save the world plots as they end up being, "Only YOU can save the world!" So if the protagonist is all like, "Nope, not going to happen" they die along with everyone they care about, it's not not a very interesting choice from a narrative prospective. Other then that, OMG this movie is SO PRETTY everyone needs to see it in high-def on the biggest screen humanly possible!
RobotsWithKnives (3 years ago)
That just kind of jumped out to me as it's been something I feel like I've been learning about my own tastes over time. It seems weird I feel like most people don't really know what defines there own tastes, and so that might have been me trying to be all self aware or something, sorry if I'm not very cohesive or clear. But keep up the reviewing, and keep watching cartoons, not that that will be hard, because honestly is there even anything better then cartoons? Probably not.
EyeofSol (3 years ago)
+RobotsWithKnives Thanks for your comment! I didn't mean to say that the I didn't enjoy the ending or anything, I thought it was amazing, to be honest. What I just don't understand is just why the movie sets up the resolution as though it is a "saving the world" type of climax, but that's not at all what it is. Despite its execution though, I still think it is an amazing way to end the movie.
Ironic Star (3 years ago)
Just watched this movie, man, the feels...
ryan is gay (3 years ago)
ryan is gay (3 years ago)
Callaxes (3 years ago)
Thank you for making this. A well edited, well put together review is a lot better than somebody standing in front of the webcam for 30 mins. I can see you put a lot of work in this. The songs you chose came up at exactly the right moment and you reminded me why I liked this animation so much. Keep up the awesome work!
EyeofSol (3 years ago)
Thanks a bunch! Glad you enjoyed it :D I upload a new video every Friday, so feel free to check back in whenever ;)
Ahmed Samir (3 years ago)
Thank you for this great review :)
EyeofSol (3 years ago)
+Ahmed Samir Glad to hear it! :D
Ahmed Samir (3 years ago)
+EyeofSol  funny, cause that why i looked for a review for the movie my anime club i attend asked for a movie to watch and i recommended this, i did watch the movie and i loved it but wanted some expert review to describe the movie even further that why i liked your review, i like the depth in it :)
EyeofSol (3 years ago)
+Ahmed Samir Thanks for your comment! ^^ Don't forget to share this with anyone you know who loves cartoons!
CJBolan (3 years ago)
Cool review! However, I think Macha is a really interesting character; she's not your typical antagonist. Another problem I noticed with this movie is that it contradicts itself sometimes: like how one moment Ben can't swim, then suddenly he can. Is it because of his mom's secret? Then why couldn't he swim earlier?  But despite its flaws, I agree it's a great movie :)
EyeofSol (3 years ago)
Hey, thanks for your comment! I think Macha was pretty interesting too, I was just a bit taken aback by how they kept setting her up as the villain, but then, all of a sudden, she stopped being the villain after about five minutes. Don't forget to share this with anyone you know who loves cartoons! ;)
brokethehabit (3 years ago)
hey I saw your CL ad, even though I'm pretty new to the game, things such as searchable titles, keywords, and metadata rich descriptions definitely will help your videos and channel grow. 
EyeofSol (3 years ago)
+brokethehabit Thanks for your reply! Since I posted that CL ad, I've taken many measures to make my channel and content as good as I can get it. There are more changes coming in the near-future too, and I'll continue to improve things to make it the best it can be :)
Jacob Krehbiel (3 years ago)
What was at steak was that Ben would fail to live up to his mother's expectations of him being "the best big brother in the world" if she died. Him having to save Saoirse wasn't so much of a fate of the world issue as it was a personal issue. Also, what was at steak was that the fairies would remain trapped forever in the modern world without her to sing the song of the sea. I find it refreshing that this wasn't a battle to save the world which is such a cliche for stories like this. I love how there was no true villain in the movie as well.
marconatrix (3 years ago)
+121jakethesnake The coat thing goes back to the original selchie stories. They're seals who can take off their seal-skins (like a wetsuit) and go on land as humans. If you steal their seal-skin then they're trapped in human form. In the trad. story (well one of them) the man steals a skin while the seal-people are partying on the beach, and next morning he finds a distressed woman wandering on the shore. He takes her in and she's kinda stuck with him, but she makes the best of it and they live together and after a while have some kids. Then one of the kids discovers her skin in a hole in a wall, and goes "Hey, Mum, look what I've found!" And she's off like a shot. Dad gets home and hears about it, and is just in time to see her swimming off with the other seals. So the twists in the movie, as far as I can see are : (a) The mother has to give birth in seal form, but it's not clear why she doesn't return with her baby since she has her skin, otherwise she wouldn't have been able to get back to the ocean. That's kinda a plot hole IMO. (b) The father hides the daughter's seal-skin so that she's trapped on land but isn't entirely happy there, hence her sickness, maybe? (c) At the end she's given the choice of becoming entirely human or entirely selchie, and goes for human (though it might be more fun to stay with Mum in the sea?) Maybe as a payback for her brother's loyalty? But why can't she stay amphibious and Mum & Dad do a child-share if they can't live together (why?) It has elements of different trad. stories, which are usually tragic, but is rigged to have a reasonably happy ending based on resolution of opposites but not without cost, since Mum is lost to the seals. So logically it doesn't add up at all, but emotionally it's a knock-out. So I suppose it goes beyond logic and taps into deeper parts of our humanity. Plus the ambiance is wonderful (if you know the West of Britain and Ireland) they even remembered the rain!
EyeofSol (3 years ago)
Yeah, that is what I mean :)
Jacob Krehbiel (3 years ago)
+EyeofSol You mean my interpretation of the "battle to save the world" thing?
EyeofSol (3 years ago)
Hmm, well, your interpretation is interesting! I think that's what's good about this movie, is that the plot is up for speculation.
Jacob Krehbiel (3 years ago)
+EyeofSol Maybe it was a battle to save the world. But it wasn't to save the WORLD world, at least not to me. I got the impression that it was to save the "fairy" world. Also, I think the reason why Saoirse was dying was because of the cold she got while swimming with the seals because even she got her coat back she was still dying and Bronagh's hair was still turning white because she was getting sick from the premature birth even when she had her coat on.
Nicholas Bloom (3 years ago)
nice review
EyeofSol (3 years ago)
Thanks! :)

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