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FNAF Disney Movie

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video fnaf https://kosperry.deviantart.com/
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Text Comments (1874)
Meme Time (1 day ago)
Funtime Freddy is * E X T R A T H I C C x100,000,000*
Dorito Bot (1 day ago)
Ew So Ugly
Это, че, реально? У меня слов нету.... все иду гуглить
Arthur Lemvel (1 day ago)
Muito legal
Luis World (1 day ago)
I want to see it 😃😃😃😃😃😃😆😆
Ellie the blue flower (2 days ago)
There are *THICC* bois
Brandy Gordon (2 days ago)
is Kennard a animators
Brandy Gordon (2 days ago)
is this a real movie
илья мир (3 days ago)
😯 real
lucyvkz1 (4 days ago)
maximillano saludos desde Cholula oye una pregunta ¿existe la canción en español
Mainkrah :v (7 days ago)
Esto es una mierda, esto, es una mierda me cago es esta porquería, ojalas se muera ese hijo de puta!
que cool si harian una peli de fnaf
Makiya Burns (9 days ago)
Not diseny fnaf
The fazbears /freddy/gf/tf/ are fat
Es real
Si o no
Ottoniel Say (10 days ago)
Me gusto la canción
Ottoniel Say (10 days ago)
Mejor si fuera de Warner Brothers
I hope the artist who made this gets a chance to fully animate this. It would be an amazing series of fan films
hora de Undertale (11 days ago)
FNAF & knukles
Sebastian Ochoa (11 days ago)
Inky (12 days ago)
Aww I love how they draw Original and Toy Bonnie! Toy Chica is cute too :3
jojoshi loot (12 days ago)
Agarraron todas las partes de películas Disney es como reciclar y también agarraron su estilo Is Fake
Ricky Gaming2 (13 days ago)
Looks plain old stupid
Angelo morgos (13 days ago)
10 times more cute then the real one
Anonymous Cheeseburger (14 days ago)
That last one. Is that Scott?
Azyke (15 days ago)
Mari Орлова (17 days ago)
Лучше фнаф по дисней не демонстрировать!!!!!!
Gavin Dodge (17 days ago)
Dear gosh I hope fnaf isn't ever going to be bought by Disney because this would be basically what it would be
Dont Trust in It It was ALL time a person wo can draw like Disney ok? Trust me Just Trust me
Caleb Rosas Leon (19 days ago)
No puede ser! Impresionante!!!!
Bethany Parker (19 days ago)
There is a Disney version it's called the country bear jamboree
Oscar Peralta Benitez (20 days ago)
So wait this are real fnaf movies?
kevin Brito (20 days ago)
What not is possible
Søkar Dark D3M0N (21 days ago)
Encerio la película es real o.... ?
Husna Muhamad Nizam (21 days ago)
Why do mangle look weird
Normal Fnaf Good but Disney version baddddd
OmegaXMaster (21 days ago)
I'd consider this more of a don bluth style than anything else.
Attila Patrik Krum (21 days ago)
Its real?
Anna V. B. (21 days ago)
The style looks great!
Ninja Ninja (22 days ago)
Is a idea frome me and all fan fnaf
ZOMBIE MAN (22 days ago)
Это где? Я туда
MVPerry (22 days ago)
These look so strange, but very legit. Like it was actually from that time
victor marques (23 days ago)
Increíble ideia
Нико Ивков (24 days ago)
molten freddy 1987 (24 days ago)
I wish this was a movie
khal 307 (24 days ago)
Faic Legion (24 days ago)
This is Don Bluth style you uncultured swine.
Some wolf 1 (24 days ago)
I would love to see a fnaf world movie by Disney
Derick Alexsander (24 days ago)
рома 228 TV (25 days ago)
А сейчас представте что появились такие мультфильмы
Lord Bartek (25 days ago)
W bijać na muj kanał
Кто создатель артов?
FoxyPlgamer 1987 (25 days ago)
oh my gohs
Piper Barnett (26 days ago)
These r real movies just look online ik the actual voice actors and plots and other stuff
Sherly Mejia (27 days ago)
To everybody who said that Is real it Is not real
Flor Swirl (27 days ago)
Is this real?
I didn't know there was actually movies for FNAF. When I first saw the pics I thought that they were just art work.
Ashley Chapman (27 days ago)
How tho XD
Маи Ваифу (27 days ago)
Jack King098 (28 days ago)
I LOVE THIS!!!! You are awesome !
Asriel / Flowey (28 days ago)
Sorry to crush the Dreams but this is just Fake edited scenes from Different Movies, Sorry to say.
Carla Maloney (28 days ago)
Did the creator of All Dogs go to Heaven make this..man that be sweet if they got the rights from Scott to make animation film like this. Id watch it.
gilbertog18- gil (29 days ago)
Like si el hombre morado en versión Disney es feo
Naomi M. J (29 days ago)
yo que sepa disney no iso una pelicula de la saga fnaf nunca
Esto es real hijo
Huestation jr hue (30 days ago)
Clickbait idiot bich you suck
e e (1 month ago)
XxCatBonniexX :v (1 month ago)
chica fat KKKKKKK XDDD
gnome king (1 month ago)
I hope they actually make this
Jimena Ayora (1 month ago)
1:58 exotic butters
OMG is its you animated??!!! Seems like a REAL Disney animation
Pikachu lover ultimant (1 month ago)
Real or fake 🤨🤨🤨🤔
ENNARD MIKE (1 month ago)
Eu quero assistir
ENNARD MIKE (1 month ago)
Eyvar garcia (1 month ago)
Diogo Gamer (1 month ago)
Дарина Урсу (1 month ago)
я российская смотрю многие английские видио...
R 26 (1 month ago)
PD:el video esta muy bien hecho
R 26 (1 month ago)
Wey primero hablan de la posibilidads de una pelicula tipo documental de baterfield y ahora me salen con esto
Gogeta Legendário (1 month ago)
Я желаю про этот фнаф мульт!
lizbett olan (1 month ago)
Mientes no son de Disney Como dime sacaría eso es de miedo
VenoN009 (1 month ago)
Fandom :v
VenoN009 (1 month ago)
Is fake :v
gilbertog18- gil (1 month ago)
Por qué no sale puppet 😭😭😭😭😭😭
ѕαѕγgιяlmim ewe (1 month ago)
This its I wish this its a movie
Pak the gamer7868 (1 month ago)
Dont read more This movie Will Now never happen cuz you did. to undo it Like this comment.
Wow is the best fan-art FOREVER
Cassidy (1 month ago)
No fnaf ffps? Aww I wanted to see helpy. (I wanted to post this in 2018 but I was busy)
raposa 9 (1 month ago)
Como que baixa esse filme

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