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Hardwell ft. Mitch Crown - Call Me A Spaceman (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO)

326346 ratings | 42282075 views
Hardwell - United We Are (Album) → http://bit.ly/UNITEDWEARE Subscribe to my channel now! → http://bit.ly/HardwellTube Join me on Facebook → http://bit.ly/HardwellFB Follow me on Spotify → http://spoti.fi/1tkoy1r Watch my live set of Tomorrowland 2014 (In Full HD) here: http://youtu.be/eBZjZ6eAzMw Download on iTunes: http://bit.ly/CallMeASpaceman Stream on Spotify: http://spoti.fi/16NVpEj Hardwell releases the vocal version of the worldwide hit 'Spaceman'. Mitch Crown has provided the vocals for this track now going by the name 'Call Me A Spaceman'. The Music Video for 'Call Me A Spaceman' is a combination of 3D animation with the 'Spaceman' of the original artwork as the leading part along with the high energized live footage editing Hardwell's video's are famous for. This Music Video also has some stunning sound effects added for that special space ride experience. 'Call Me A Spaceman' is the official successor to the worldwide hit 'Cobra' which has been topping the dance chart all over the world. Spaceman saw it's release in February and landed on the #2 spot at Beatport and has been setting dance floors on fire for months. The instrumental version got signed to over 15 countries. With this version the cross over to radio is a fact on which Mitch Crown provided the vocals. Mitch Crown is a well known singer/songwriter in todays dance scene and already worked with Fedde Le Grand and on successful solo projects. The 24-year-old talent is surely one of the most successful producers/DJ's of today. In 2011 he entered the renowned DJ Mag Top 100 poll as the highest Dutchman, at number 24. In the past 2 years, Hardwell has collaborated with the likes of Tiësto, as well as creating remixes for the likes of Rihanna, Taio Cruz, Armin van Buuren and Martin Solveig. The success of this talented artist is out of this world. This year he won the IDMA award for Best Breakthrough DJ in Miami and with this release Hardwell is aiming high for that worldwide summer anthem. For more info check: http://www.djhardwell.com http://www.twitter.com/hardwell http://www.facebook.com/djhardwell
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Text Comments (493)
mayte camargo (3 years ago)
es muy buena
FireBreaths (3 years ago)
Paula Varga (3 years ago)
machine321434 (4 years ago)
greatest progressive/bigroom track ever!
RAUL JULIAN (4 years ago)
almost 20.000.000
vini2003 (4 years ago)
It's your best song :)
Caio Zanella (4 years ago)
DjPanJan (4 years ago)
17 388 451 Hardwell is SPACEMAN !
Daniele Maselli (4 years ago)
Mahmoud Abudeif (4 years ago)
n1 :D
mukhlisa medianto (4 years ago)
Anjrit asik
anna uliano (4 years ago)
mauricio portillo (4 years ago)
michael jay (4 years ago)
Hardwell my truck speakers blew cause of this song:)))
Samantha Cordero (4 years ago)
I love this song! =)♥
angelblood98 (4 years ago)
1:20 , give me more of that
Proplayer766 (4 years ago)
Ivo Bril (4 years ago)
Hardwell's video (this video) has to get more views then the one of HouseMusicPlaylists. On this moment, this video has 17.189.622 views and the one of HouseMusicPlaylists 20.860.446.
GRD GenFreak (4 years ago)
the one in HMP is the original mix, this one is the radio edit w/ lyrics, some people would prefer one over the other
Uboa Thescreamer (4 years ago)
Why man?Why do you like those shitty vocals so much?
ricardo flores romero (4 years ago)
pura  chida ey  compartan oto noo  en mesclada?? ;)
Krantos L (4 years ago)
Is it just me, or is this song different from other songs? Is it because the melody is the main thing here, or is it because this song is so amazing, or both?
Nik Nak (4 years ago)
Hardwell please do a free show ;)
Tania Silva (4 years ago)
adoro o hardwel ele e boe cool
Gilberto Jesus (4 years ago)
Exelente, me gusta!
Can Dinçer (4 years ago)
Still listen it :D
friks fraps (4 years ago)
Thank God that created me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Gisel _28 (4 years ago)
El mas grande exito de Hardwell*-* <3
Julio Ruiz (4 years ago)
Nelly Herdt (4 years ago)
Marco Turchetta (4 years ago)
https://soundcloud.com/marco-turchetta/marco-turchetta-evolution  This is Evolution!
怒りRAGE (4 years ago)
Just wait I'm gonna f.u.t.w.
Aleff Nascimento (4 years ago)
the best song ever.
Jess Cat (4 years ago)
No soz I love this song it's amazing luv luv luv luv luv itttttttt
Jess Cat (4 years ago)
Youssef Baali (4 years ago)
i fucking love yuu HARDWELL
DuckyTheGamer (4 years ago)
The bass is just awesome with headphones or without headphones
Simone Fratticcioli (4 years ago)
Philip Sjogren (4 years ago)
The Best Dj in the World
DJ Andina (4 years ago)
i love it
Jaaky More More (4 years ago)
mm pz masomenos :) 
Adilson constantino (4 years ago)
boa pa caralh%#
Luis Cruz (4 years ago)
Adorei baba v.r.s.a
Madalena Fernandes (4 years ago)
* dancing *
vape lord (4 years ago)
cool music video
Prathmesh Bhosale (4 years ago)
Call Me A Spaceman !!!
MusicMachine (6 years ago)
I voted for Hardwell :)
Catalina López (6 years ago)
221 persons are on the earth ;)
Xavier Mota (6 years ago)
RIP replay button
Stay Strong (6 years ago)
Makes me wanna dance!
Jan Vande Pas (6 years ago)
Hardwell is Hard goed!!!!!
Alia Ansari (6 years ago)
this song makes me feel HIGH
hkh kkhk (6 years ago)
Jan Vande Pas (6 years ago)
Hardwell is : HARD NICE!!!!!
Fabien Golliard (6 years ago)
Awesome !!!!!!
ilonaKMJ jaxn (6 years ago)
I LOVE IT!!!!! Dutch best DJ's ..We got them!!
Jelle Jaspar (6 years ago)
Oohoohhooh! Just had Eargasme!
Jason Heras (6 years ago)
fuckk yeahh !! Harwell is the bestt !!!
Alia Ansari (6 years ago)
I'm in love with this song. IN LOVE!
Greg Arrospide (6 years ago)
michael bujan (6 years ago)
Syrxen (6 years ago)
Tomas Rimkus (6 years ago)
Best Hardwell Track! Lithuania Thumb's up!
Alejandro Prieto Galan (6 years ago)
Superior Level
TheArgithebest (6 years ago)
EPIC SONG!!!!!!!!
Seroega87 (6 years ago)
every comment got likes!?!? SPACEMAN FTW!!! :)))
Vygantas Addanamas (6 years ago)
awsome song i really like the track
Raphael Tristao (6 years ago)
P D (6 years ago)
proud be dutch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Alex Condos (6 years ago)
Dutch are the best DJ's!
Baki Caki (6 years ago)
Only Spaceman without words much better PURE BASS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Curtiss Edmonds (6 years ago)
Hardwell hit the nail on the head here....this shit is the track...for reelz
Super clip!
J Bird (6 years ago)
FG Radio!!!!!
LucaRù (6 years ago)
Randyy1 (6 years ago)
Zack Ong (6 years ago)
ehWish (6 years ago)
Sick songg
TheDstar40 (6 years ago)
Love this song
juve2319 (6 years ago)
Massimiliano Scaioli (6 years ago)
Samanta Čiuplytė (6 years ago)
I love this song wery much <3 <3 :***
Tim Lap (6 years ago)
Dutch DJ's are awesome!
Reclaimer (6 years ago)
Sooooo goooood
Jamal Hafez (6 years ago)
HARDWELL ROCKS................
Mr. HarrieHero (6 years ago)
Thumps up for hardwell
Imran Sayed (6 years ago)
DJMILLION1 (6 years ago)
This song is amazing!! Im from Malta :D HEY other people :DDD
zempuu (6 years ago)
karolinaa (6 years ago)
the best ever d(-_-)b !!!
ThePuniSsherzZ (6 years ago)
Henry (6 years ago)
Lux Elicit (6 years ago)
Hardwell King <3
brightness 34 (6 years ago)
Best Dj'S Hardwell Tiesto Avicii Afrojack David Gueatta
TheEternalTriangle (6 years ago)
This video deserves more than that many views.SO MANY PEOPLE ARE MISSING OUT!!!!
Sherubii (6 years ago)
This song makes me wet. o wo
Naoufal Nait (6 years ago)
ambigien (6 years ago)
this song is amazing! **
Niicii Unsoo (6 years ago)
Nikola Hranisavljevic (6 years ago)
95gilez (6 years ago)

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