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2010 Animal Encounters at SeaWorld Texas

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Here is a slideshow I put together of all my animal encounters during my stay at SeaWorld San Antonio for the Marine Zoological Careers program. Here is my itinerary from August 8th-Augutst 13th, 2010: Day 1: We got settled down at the dorms before orientation. We also got to see the last summer nights show of the 2010 summer season such as "Shamu Rocks" and "Sea Lions Tonight". Day 2: We fed and cared for alligators, fish and sharks. We also got to swim with stingrays in the stingray pool. Day 3: We got to meet some famous animal ambassadors, take part in a beluga interaction program, and spend some time at Shamu Stadium. Day 4: We got to prep diets and feed dolphins, sea lions, seals and otters. We also got to interact and play with the dolphins, lags, and belugas too. Day 5: We interacted with penguins both in and out of the water. Plus, We also got to watch a sea lion training session and fed a walrus in the water as well as meet a flamingo chick. Day 6: We all packed up, said our good-byes to one another and went home. To learn more about SeaWorld San Antonio's camp program's, visit: http://www.seaworld.org/adventure-camps/swt/
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txhorselovingirl (8 years ago)
i was there the week after for the same camp. youre in college?
Jenna Deedy (9 months ago)
txhorselovingirl I'm graduating with a Bachelor's degree in Psychology this May.
Jenna Deedy (8 years ago)
@shamuroxy About no less than 30 secs.
sparklywindsield88 (8 years ago)
I'm doing this next summer and cant wait!
Alan Turner (8 years ago)
wow so so jealous,looks like you had the most amazing encounters with some of our wonders of the planet,touching pictures here too

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