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The best pair of Timberland waterproof winter boots that is ready for everyday use. A detailed breakdown of the differences between the premium 6 inch version compared to the Chukka version. Timberland name the boots Nelson for the Man’s version and Nellie for the Women’s. #Timberland #Waterproof #Boots #ChukkaBoots #LeatherBoots #LeatherShoes Awesome soundtrack from : Julian: https://soundcloud.com/julian_avila
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Text Comments (13)
Omg 😍 what a cool boots, how much?
WeiTian Keng (1 month ago)
Nice! I wish I could have gotten it in wheat! Where you got it?
Timothy Lane (1 month ago)
I got mine in wheat color for $85.
WeiTian Keng (4 months ago)
It's supposed to be part of their classic lineups at about $213.29 USD. But I got it at a pre-black Friday sale here in Singapore. It's a steal!!!😝
Seph Cham (5 months ago)
Nice review!
WeiTian Keng (5 months ago)
Thanks bro! Definitely dropping by your channel!
ayumelove (5 months ago)
Thanks but no on foot?!
ayumelove (4 months ago)
+WeiTian Keng thanks man!
WeiTian Keng (4 months ago)
Hey! The new vid is up! Hope it gave you a better idea about the boots. 😊
WeiTian Keng (4 months ago)
Hey Ayumelove, sorry for the update. I have yet to edit the video I’ve talked about. Rounding it into like a last video of 2018. My conclusion for that boots if you are eager to find out. GO GET YOUR HANDS ON THEM! I have a rather thick leg throughout and the original 6 inch version would sort of be shaped into a funnel shape as time goes by.
WeiTian Keng (5 months ago)
ayumelove Hey! Sorry, I am currently away from a stable internet connection. It is definitely on my priority to get the vid uploaded as quickly as I can!
ayumelove (5 months ago)
+WeiTian Keng thanks. What video are you talking about?

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