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Song of the Sea Teaser

3722 ratings | 421269 views
Release dates: France - Dec 9th US - Dec 19th Ireland -Spring 2015 An animated feature film from Oscar nominated Tomm Moore. SONG OF THE SEA tells the story of Ben and his little sister Saoirse -- the last Seal-child -- who embark on a fantastic journey across a fading world of ancient legend and magic in an attempt to return to their home by the sea. The film takes inspiration from the mythological Selkies of Irish folklore, who live as seals in the sea but become humans on land. SONG OF THE SEA features the voices of Brendan Gleeson, Fionnula Flanagan, David Rawle, Lisa Hannigan, Pat Shortt, Jon Kenny, Lucy O'Connell, Liam Hourican and Kevin Swierszsz. Music is by composer Bruno Coulais and Irish band Kíla, both of whom previously collaborated on The Secret of Kells.
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AcceleratingUniverse (8 days ago)
feic off
Relle M. (4 months ago)
Just found out about Cartoon Saloon. I love this kind of animation and art style. And the music is very beautiful and befitting the setting. I'll be counting on this studio for more.
Heidi Fisher (6 months ago)
Dieses Lied hat mich wirklich am💗 berührt
JODE the flowing water (8 months ago)
x Itz_Paris x (8 months ago)
This movie made me cry so much! Make more of this I beg you !!
سوبر كرفت (1 year ago)
my bast move
Malak Alkhaled (1 year ago)
that is so cool film
Malak Alkhaled (1 year ago)
that is so cool film
Teddy TV (1 year ago)
Finallуу I'vе fоund full Sооong оf thе Sеаа mоooviе hеrееeе => https://twitter.com/db7b99c82b8bb5434/status/850530911321899008
Bethany Giles (1 year ago)
Yоu саn watch Song of thе Seа herее https://twitter.com/5bd3e705fa65bf7f6/status/850530911321899008
Toucie (1 year ago)
i love the movie
Zara Glaser (2 years ago)
Still giving me chills every time I watch this and it's been two years!!!
Jisselle Msp (2 years ago)
I love the movie
BeagleFeatures (2 years ago)
Thank you so much Tomm Moore and all the incredibly talented artists at Cartoon Saloon. This has become one of my all-time favorite films and I'm so excited for Tomm Moore's next film Wolfwalkers.
F dL (2 years ago)
Macha creeps me out. Her face is so big.
F dL (1 year ago)
+Naiomy Rivera Lol. She's the big creepy owl witch.
LittleWhite Dragon (1 year ago)
Chris Bryan well I know its not mc lier even do he has a big face HAHAHAHHAHAHA 😂😂😂
LittleWhite Dragon (1 year ago)
Chris Bryan who's macha??? HAHAHAH
¿Do Geese See God? (2 years ago)
I finally managed to buy and watch this movie. About cried at the end! And I knew Kissing Gate was used for the concept video, but I didn't know Kila was actually a part of the production, so that was a very nice surprise.
¿Do Geese See God? (2 years ago)
+Len the Trendy Tetraodontiforme Oh, and I didn't miss that Aisling cameo on the bus, either. That was a fun surprise, too. :)
Nona Maier (3 years ago)
I cried throughout the whole movie. It is so beautiful!
M Kohman (3 years ago)
Absolutely love this movie :)
ValiantSquirrel (3 years ago)
Just the music and voices can bring chills. <3
Killjoy (3 years ago)
Can someone give me the link to the movie please?
Mariana Filio (2 years ago)
+Anayazz http://onlinemovies.pro/song-of-the-sea-2014/
Pliski Old Channel (3 years ago)
This is the movie I needed to watch. I have no words. Congratulations!!
Francesca Gramegna (3 years ago)
this was a beautiful gift to my soul. thank you ^_^
Aneesha Khanna (3 years ago)
Doesn't even capture the beauty of the movie
sar (3 years ago)
The world needs more movies like these! :D
Clankity (3 years ago)
I think I might get the Blu-Ray now... :)
pizza pizza (3 years ago)
What is the song called?
Sarah Hipwell (3 years ago)
Well done on the Oscar nomination! Looking forward to seeing this when released here(Ireland) in March.
Kay Aykay (3 years ago)
I want to see this so bad! I want the dvd as soon is it's released! The art is absolutely beautiful and the story looks so enchanting! You guys are bringing back 2d animation, but you're serving it so creatively it's inspiring!  When I was first introduced to you guys with Secret of Kells I could not believe the art and animation I was seeing. I had to pause after 15 minutes, restart it and call my 22 year old sister to watch the whole thing with me. Keep up the great work and I desperately hope to see more from you guys in the future!!
Bluezebra (3 years ago)
I want to see this so bad I had a story book, filled with fairy tales from Europe, and I found one about Selkies Then I watched The Secret of Roan Inish .... I really want to see this
_uniqness _ (3 years ago)
The animation...I swear is marvelous!:)
Hector Apaza Jimenez (3 years ago)
Someone know where i can watch this movie? I like The Secret of Kells and y want see this movie.
JimShew2 (3 years ago)
If you're located in North America, here is a facebook page with the openings by city: https://www.facebook.com/songoftheseamovie/app_819017321496148 . I don't have a URL showing the screening locations elsewhere.
dreamnasium (3 years ago)
mind if i say, "wow!"
lily aric (3 years ago)
where can i watch this online
TheSoulOfMetal91 (3 years ago)
Why does this make me cry a little?
Karla McCormick (3 years ago)
me too... :(
Filmsparks (3 years ago)
I was very fortunate to seen this in theatre today, this film is absolutely stunning and beautiful. I highly reccommend this to any animation lovers and cant wait to get this on dvd
Fräulein Septimus (3 years ago)
Ist a vast improvement to there last film (book of kells) It has sutch a nice flowing story and a lovly brother sister relatzion ship. and keep the lovly animations I truly hope they get a oscar nomination caurse it truly deservst to bee seen. Evryithing rigth about the last movie they took and made the new one even better i hope they will make another one improving even more (and i hope they get more mony all though they did sutch an good jop with what liddel as they had XDD
Milla Grace (3 years ago)
Milla Grace (3 years ago)
Kate O'Connell (3 years ago)
hi hope you like song of the sea
Maria (3 years ago)
as soon as i heard her speak i was like THEY CHOSE LISA HANNIGAN how could anyone be more perfect. her debut album was even in part about the sea. so happy :)
zimnomel (3 years ago)
I've seen this movie today, and I was overwhelmed. Beautiful, emotionally resonant, with superb music and voice acting. And the animation is a marvel.
Flashardback (4 years ago)
I saw it twice in a french festival... You cannot imagine how perfect it was !! I cryed from the beginning to the end only bynthe beauty of the film... AND THE MUSIC !! Tomm Moore is a good...
MrSkittlesManiac1 (4 years ago)
Oh my god this is too fucking cute!!!
Graham Higgins (4 years ago)
the art direction is out of this world. 
Sydney Hullinger (4 years ago)
is that armin arlert?
Tal Day (4 years ago)
seeing this on Wednesday! Soooo excited
Lan Le (4 years ago)
Oh oh oh! Looking forward to seeing this one!
Pyrroly (4 years ago)
I implore you all to see this film, it's so beautiful 
MnstrMthd (4 years ago)
Love you guys, The Secret of Kells inspired me so much, and I'm beyond excited for Song of the Sea. Makes me proud to be even just half-Irish. Maybe someday I can make something half as enchanting as your movies..
lemons limes (4 years ago)
Loved the secret of kells, so I know this one will be great. And it has seals, one of my favorite animals!
April Slocombe (4 years ago)
Looking forward to seeing this at the London Film Festival next weekend.
poopoo99inUtub (4 years ago)
Crimson Leaves Falling (4 years ago)
I can't wait :) Does anyone know when this will come out?
Crimson Leaves Falling (3 years ago)
+JimShew2 Awesome! I am really looking forward to it :)
JimShew2 (3 years ago)
+Aveyond Keiver USA release appears to be scheduled for mid-December. (most sources say Friday December 19, 2014)
Nadia Marin (4 years ago)
when will it be on theaters
Dafne Corona (4 years ago)
Is the soundtrack available for purchase already ? I love the song!.
filipinowhiteboy (4 years ago)
Will there be one more trailer for this movie? Like an Official trailer? this is labeled as a teaser after all and I still do not know when there will be a US release.
JimShew2 (3 years ago)
+filipinowhiteboy Yes, official USA trailer is on youtube at Song of the Sea Official US Release Trailer - Irish Animated Movie HD . USA release is scheduled for mid-December.
lost intranslation (4 years ago)
too bad it isn't going to be released here in India. i would give anything to watch in the big screen!! :( 
EuropeanAbroad (4 years ago)
whats the title of the song?
Sean Keuroghlian-Eaton (4 years ago)
breathtaking animation
Nevunderland (4 years ago)
The character designs are rather simple, but the rest of it is just simply gorgeous. I've always been of the opinion that it's not the art so much that matters, but what they can do with the art in animation that really counts. 
Hpv Pro (4 years ago)
Man I don't hear shit through this shell
Derreck Garcia (4 years ago)
I wonder, how do you guys feel before the first screening at TIFF?
Shrampy Shrimp (4 years ago)
Gerald Obrien (4 years ago)
By far my favorite animation company in Ireland! Stunning
petitprince2k (4 years ago)
Will we be able to see this masterpiece in Italy? Please, say me yes :(
Emma Bedelle (4 years ago)
I saw this at TIFF, absolutely breathtaking. A masterpiece. 
ShaZam (4 years ago)
So I just finished watching this film at TIFF and everyone, I loved Secret of Kells but THIS MOVIE BLOWS IT OUT OF THE WATER!  It's got the spirit world qualities of something like Spirited Away but the journey qualities of something like Laputa: Castle In The Sky with an obviously distinct Irish tone and folklore to it.  This trailer doesn't do it justice and you have ever reason to be SUPER hyped about it.  Be prepared to have your emotions freed and feel all the feels!
candyfrogsarethebest (4 years ago)
Erin T (4 years ago)
I'm so excited! It's gotten to the point where I watch this 3 times a day! Ahh, December can't come fast enough.
Lissa McGregor (4 years ago)
Love this trailer, I cannot wait for its release. Yay selkies!
BenG (4 years ago)
I am just so excited to see this. 
littledreamlike (4 years ago)
OMG!! Finally! I am so happy, I was waiting for this movie like for ages! I absolutely adore the animation style, it so beautiful. As it was in TSoK!!
Wynne DM (4 years ago)
I can't wait for this movie to come out. After seeing The Secret of Kells, I found this gem, and I'm so excited for it!
Death Maze Challenge (4 years ago)
gor ge ous
CALL-ME-JD (4 years ago)
I can not wait any longer
Marc Moynihan (4 years ago)
wow beautiful
Jay Sexton (4 years ago)
I love secret of Kells.  That same amazing Irish music.  I can't wait.  
Aitor Molina (4 years ago)
I need to watch this trailer like twice a week to be a person.
Hitesh Dudhe (2 years ago)
Yоu can watch Song оf the Sea here https://twitter.com/9874a07d49b3e74f0/status/795843473513410560 Song of the Sеа Tеaаааser
Cartoon Saloon (4 years ago)
And we love you for that ;)
Bung Carol (4 years ago)
please tell me this movie coming this year! I've been waiting too long for this. Everything is beautiful in this trailer!
JimShew2 (3 years ago)
+Bung Carol Yes, "Song of the Sea" is coming to theaters, USA release is scheduled for mid-December. (most sources currently say Friday December 19th, 2014) However because this is from an independent firm, they might not have the resources to have it play in the hundreds of theaters continent-wide on that day (more likely a few theaters at a time)
Jkc Melody (4 years ago)
Interesting :)
¿Do Geese See God? (4 years ago)
But when is "soooooon"?!
Shrampy Shrimp (4 years ago)
+Cartoon Saloon and when globally??
¿Do Geese See God? (4 years ago)
+Cartoon Saloon Really? Oh, I'm so excited!
Cartoon Saloon (4 years ago)
December in the US - YEAH!!! 
Sybil Vane (4 years ago)
Miguel Guerrero (4 years ago)
V excited for this movie
matthew345 (4 years ago)
I hope this movie will do better then the Secret of kells That basically was only seen by very few people.
TheMoonbug (4 years ago)
Beautiful world, can't wait to see more. Thank you for sharing on LinkedIn, so I could find this! :)
Hiya Kitty (4 years ago)
I love Cartoon Saloon! They're like the studio Ghibli of Ireland. The Secret of Kells is one of my most favorite movies ever and this one looks just as good. I love they way they base everything around Irish Mythology. But can anyone tell if this is set in modern day or in Ancient Times like the secret of Kells was?
Cartoon Saloon (4 years ago)
Its set in the 80's so if you're young enough that will seem like ancient times ;)
StageLined (4 years ago)
Okay my money is yours.
Smith Micro Graphics (4 years ago)
Beautiful. And thanks for using Anime Studio Pro.
About us (1 year ago)
Watch Song of the Sea online here => https://twitter.com/28f5c8c3097f3ca13/status/822787795211014145
Smith Micro Graphics (3 years ago)
+BodoIllgner Thanks for clarifying. We certainly weren't claiming everything was animated with Anime Studio! Sorry if our post was misleading +Katherine Britt ^MS
BodoIllgner (3 years ago)
I worked on the movie. Like I said in my previous post: 99% animated in TVPaint. A few scenes were done in Anime Studio Pro which needed moving props (e.g. boat), and some sea creatures in the background. But all main character animation was done in TVPaint.
Katherine Britt (3 years ago)
I thought this was animated on TVPaint? You might want to check your facts, because all the sources I've seen says TVPaint...
Dream-Piper (4 years ago)
So beautiful
wizardwarrior713 (4 years ago)
Looks like the boy is jealous of his sister for having that special bond with their mom, or for her selkie powers.  Anyway, this is beautiful!
Cartoon Saloon (4 years ago)
Close... but you're gonna have to watch it all to find out the full story! 
TheNumnutRandomness (4 years ago)
How soon is coming soon? Not soon enough.
TheNumnutRandomness (4 years ago)
*Unholy Screeches of excitement*
Cartoon Saloon (4 years ago)
A December release date has been announced for the US! 
Silver Fern (4 years ago)
Gus Ramos (4 years ago)
This must have an Oscar nomination at least.
Alex F Gon (4 years ago)
Finally!!! I've been waiting for this for a long time!!!
thanhbuutran (4 years ago)
Will this be out in theatres or just on dvd or on a webaite somewhere?
Cartoon Saloon (4 years ago)
It will have a world wide cinematic release!!  
fawfulmark2 (4 years ago)
Considering how Secret of Kells is one of my favorite films ever, I cannot contain this hype!
Cartoon Saloon (4 years ago)
Thanks for your kind words :)
Tricia Wardlaw (4 years ago)
lovely! can't wait for the film!
marthenmania (4 years ago)
the most beautifull thing i have ever seen . .love animated movies this song gave me goosbumps . . im melting inside!!!!
Elaine Stamper Davis (4 years ago)
Absolutely enchanting lyrics, vocals and music! Makes me wish I were a child again! =)
lifexlovexlivin (4 years ago)
animations are out of this world..literally

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