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Music from Warbringers: Jaina

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Text Comments (2112)
Трав О'кур (4 minutes ago)
Русская гипотиза все равно лучше)
Cem Chaplin (8 hours ago)
im German, but English version sooooooooo much Better!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Kellyvision GG (22 hours ago)
Gábor Tar (1 day ago)
When he faced those savage hoes
Umpa Lumpa (1 day ago)
Tikho (1 day ago)
Cthulhu (2 days ago)
Best to come out of this expansion
spyrkle4 (3 days ago)
As someone who plays Horde characters, Jaina appears really terrifying!..like it's a death wish if you try to mess with her. Also I am totally playing this song on repeat, it's like her theme song or something.
Axl Low (3 days ago)
Look at and listen russ version!
why its sounds like skyrim?
Spinexus (6 days ago)
How did i come from K/DA to Warbringers xD
pra izz (6 days ago)
why vocal is sound like in the cave?
Lord Dracoliche (7 days ago)
The music will always be better than most expansions
asstalker (7 days ago)
For the alliance!
Joeon Ren (8 days ago)
Ghosty (9 days ago)
Vermotaa (7 days ago)
gonna cut yourself with that edge, my boy
Kühn Andreas (9 days ago)
" Beware... *of me* " MonkaS
Panagiotis Derventzis (9 days ago)
just finished the warcraft iii rexxar story again and then I came to hear this !! :D :D
Madi Davis (11 days ago)
Is anyone else concerned that the whispers from Barrowknoll Cemetery were talking about Jaina? Not all of them, specifically the one referencing a female character who would betray you. I know there's a lot of people who think it's Sylvanas but that was an Alliance only quest chain.... I'M JUST CONCERNED LOL I love Jaina and would be so upset if she went psycho like Sylvanas.
SaikaVA (11 days ago)
Why is there no soundcloud or similar?
omegablue22 (12 days ago)
Go Ap (12 days ago)
Английский оригинал попросту в 1k один круче. *Нечего добавить*.
Cinder Woods (12 days ago)
"Bloodsoaked shores of Kalimdore." Guess some things never change ;)
comics geek (12 days ago)
Laura Bailey, ladies and gentlemen.
Yumidori Iro (15 days ago)
Lucas Bastos (15 days ago)
MΣ𐍂UEM (15 days ago)
Love this kind of music anyone got any suggestions to songs similar to this?
Andryan (3 days ago)
dishonored - drunken whaler
Chris W (11 days ago)
Annabel - Ye Banished Privateers
petrute (12 days ago)
You could check out some sea shanties, but mostly they are way more cheerful
Maghni b (16 days ago)
Hail The Lord (17 days ago)
This is badass, but you guys know... FOR THE HORDE, btw what a great song
Warseeker (17 days ago)
Rexxar wasn't a savage foe
amitankordps (18 days ago)
Thank you Blizzard for jaina and her amazing voice actress and making a song that is truly hauntingly beautiful I have been waiting for jaina to take the spotlight and bfa brings her out quite well so thank you blizzgods for your gift of jaina
Aleksandar Vil (18 days ago)
Himax9 (18 days ago)
Don't swear allegiance to any flag. Don't kneel to any king. Don't worship any hero. Don't pray for a great future. Don't ask any god for guidance. instead, only ask yourself, in any one moment: Is this the right thing to do?
Janek Balin (18 days ago)
Anyone still listening to this💖?
Sli R (20 days ago)
It only lets me click one like. :(
Hagili LP (20 days ago)
RazZ Naix (21 days ago)
Andrew Brannen 5 (21 days ago)
Try this at x1.25 it's great
Kyle Dayton (21 days ago)
So we are just going to forget all the evil things she did. Elf murder... oath braker!
The Lard Maker (23 days ago)
Daelin did nothing wrong.
CalamarMatero (23 days ago)
Jeff K (23 days ago)
I wonder if Jaina feels guilty about Admiral Proudmoore following her to Kalimdor and dying because of it.
Deathcoldan (17 days ago)
Dude,she is dying on the inside because of that
Gabriel Luis (23 days ago)
Music from warbringers version Brazil top.
Lukáš Sklenář (24 days ago)
The Horde sent 372 peons to disslike :D
Zickness Gacitua (24 days ago)
I like this song but... the voices of the latín version are magical and sublime better than the ENG version
Unicorns Rock (24 days ago)
Every word sent shivers down my spine
Kekommissar Hall (25 days ago)
Corvie Brown (25 days ago)
The Me Eseeks (25 days ago)
Blind Guardian???
Martial Chen (26 days ago)
Why this why this why blizzard always makes good soundtrack
Adomas .Reikelis (27 days ago)
The only good thing about this xpac Q.Q
Chris de Bruyn (28 days ago)
Why is this not on Spotify
Texaco (28 days ago)
To bad the expansion doesent capture the feels this music gives you.
Batuhan Hangün (28 days ago)
RIP Admiral...
Regulus (29 days ago)
She is drowning in guilt :(
Peter Valente (29 days ago)
I wonder what would happen if saurfang and jaina ever met. Would they debate or bring up arms?
Quinn (30 days ago)
Brandon Yurie singing the male lines would be SO DOPE THO.
DaDude1987b (30 days ago)
This male chorus is amazing!
KalaseN (1 month ago)
This must be performed live at Blizzcon. Make it happen Blizzard!
Lor'themar Theron (1 month ago)
Jaina is one of best heroes of Alliance
Oliver Šima (1 month ago)
For some reason when I hear this song I immediately imagine Pippin's Edge of Night song
James Is Mable (1 month ago)
This song alone makes any issues with BoA tolerable.
Elijah Kilian (1 month ago)
Jaina, hold no ill will nor guilt to your heart, the lives spent on the shores of Theramor are not yours to bear For the Actions of foolish and bigoted men will always lie on them, never on you
Eleorath Vroodwell (1 month ago)
Excellent performance of Laura Bailey, she have to start singing more.
Mioara Claudia (1 month ago)
Super wow
No one Important (1 month ago)
Jaina & Arthas carry the whole World of Warcraft Universe. If i look back to the years i played World of Warcraft the most they were the best and most interesting Characters. Great job Blizzard!
BFHeroofAwsomeness (1 month ago)
ty blizz
Lendjr (1 month ago)
Can't believe this didn't go viral. Dead game for sure ... it's a pitty.
Blackstar (1 month ago)
don't know a single thing about warcraft and i still can't stop listening to this , if that doesn't prove it's great idk what does
Daisuke Teiko Official (1 month ago)
may wow teach you how to be stronger and a better person...this is a goodbye to all my members USA just an old friend!
Phantom Boss (1 month ago)
Short ver. of the song: That wasn't very cash money of you, Jaina
Iisu The Gr8 (1 month ago)
bassem hodhod (1 month ago)
For the Alliance
Mines N (1 month ago)
Anyone knows who the male singer is? I love his voice <3
Optomistic Otter (1 month ago)
3 seconds in and I get goosebumps, dam. 0-0
RobinBTV (1 month ago)
i like it better on x1.25 speed
McDucky (1 month ago)
Bad cut at 0:22
Ashley F (1 month ago)
I don't play World of Warcraft, but I am a HUGE fan of Laura Bailey. This song is beautiful
High Inquisitor Verros (1 month ago)
Laura Bailey did an amazing job. I cannot take Jaina seriously since I've started watching Critical Role Season 2 with Laura playing Jester, but that sure sounds neat!
oshke (1 month ago)
I see a lot of ppl saying for the alliance well I have one thing to say FOR THE HORDE
John Canary (14 days ago)
For Nazjatar!
Jake Gives (26 days ago)
Lok'tar Ogar brother
Riverblade (1 month ago)
I will never not love this song.
Nayari Kellogg (1 month ago)
I am going to learn how to sing just so I can sing this and sound good.
VLX11387 (1 month ago)
There's a lullaby/shanty version of this briefly touched on in the intro alliance cinematic where Jaina has a vision with her father. Is there a full version of that somewhere?
10 кратосов из 10
Trashcan Messiah (1 month ago)
The only good part of BFA.
flanny701 (1 month ago)
after listening to this song for hours i now noticed at around 2:32 there is a faint beep boop sound almost like bastions "talking" and now that i've noticed it i cant unnotice it when i listen to the song on repeat
G0atboy (1 month ago)
So was Jaina in the right not to help her father or should she have stood by her kin?
Christophe Blot (1 month ago)
@World of Warcraft I love this song but I don't know if you can fix male vocal singer who sings very high. He is very loud and distracts from the piece. If you could tone him down in post or something (anything really ; he sounds great but soooo overbearing to the song) I'd really appreciate it
Fabian Schiefer (1 month ago)
Any songs similair with thid sailors voices
Furkan Bolat (1 month ago)
Devil Dante (1 month ago)
For the Horde!... But Im still loving Jaina
hOuki (1 month ago)
Nice tune, been awhile since I heard it last.
Osvaldo V. Wenas (1 month ago)
hOuki folks has forgotten it
Ivens Laércio (1 month ago)
The Misty Mountains Cold, Rains of Castamere, The Lullaby of Woe. Now this. <3
Lance (1 month ago)
know nothing about wow but I watch enough critical role that youtube thinks I wanna hear more Laura Bailey. they're right.
Carlo Perroni (1 month ago)
Guys, it this even a music genre? can i find similar songs somewhere?
Valdee (1 month ago)
I love this song and jaina too! Allways when i hear this song it makes me happy :)
城クルス (1 month ago)
You made one horde player cry , no words, just beautiful
IonControl (1 month ago)
Why did you add an echo. Ruins it :(
Daniel Koláčný (1 month ago)
Goosebumps af. Splendid. Respect.
Dylan S (1 month ago)
i feel like the actual Warbringers clip has better Audio.
Ian Rosas (1 month ago)

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