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Song of the Sea (Full OST)

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Song Of The Sea (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) All the movie songs 海全配乐的歌曲 Hǎi quán pèiyuè de gēqǔ 海の歌 Umi no uta Песня моря Pesnya . You can pick up the OST below: No infringement intended, all content . Full Soundtrack of Song Of The Sea Movie The original music for the film was composed by Bruno Coulais, in collaboration with the Irish group, Kíla. The film . The song The Song from the OST of The Song Of The Sea animated feature film. Performed by Lucy O'Connel, composed by Lisa Hannigan. You can find the .
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Text Comments (48)
Salome Bolkvadze (7 days ago)
Hind H (1 month ago)
اباه مترجم كييف
Arzu Saydan (2 months ago)
jamal abdul (4 months ago)
i know the brother dosen't like her sister,and the mom died
мне нравится
caciopea ayala (6 months ago)
la historia fue muy triste y la cancion muy relajante
aubbyinthehouse GameZ (6 months ago)
And here I thought this was the movie.
Prue Encantada (6 months ago)
Lindo, uma obra prima de sensibilidade e beleza rara.
Florin Cretu (7 months ago)
I HAVE sin This movie at the sinima
Florin Cretu (7 months ago)
I HAVE sin This movie at the sinima
Florin Cretu (7 months ago)
I HAVE sin This movie at the sinima
Kyrie Song (7 months ago)
what is the name of the track at 29: 45
Mhreal Petronas (7 months ago)
The girl is cute
Maïna Le Runigo (1 month ago)
Mhreal Petronas : in the french version her have my name ;) 😍
Psycho Fan (7 months ago)
on crismase i sing this song
Claire D. (8 months ago)
love this movie a lot. so beautiful and touching
مهند مهند (8 months ago)
رابط h
مهند مهند (8 months ago)
Magdalena Souto (9 months ago)
The soundtrack that begins at minute 36:38 reminds me of Message to Bears' first album, EP 1... Amazing!
hechizero81 (1 year ago)
Why this last 1:38 hours and the soundtrack last only 58?
TheNinjaInConverse (1 month ago)
we have been given a gift.
Slavomír Divko (1 year ago)
fucking song fuck this carier bitch
MegaVoiceTube (1 year ago)
amazing movie and Soundtrack
Sabrina Baxter (1 year ago)
I've been meaning to watch this movie for a while now because of the music
Human Being (1 year ago)
Love the movie, story, and soundtrack. Thanks for posting this!
Tormey Reimer (1 year ago)
Gorgeous movie, reminds me a lot of the Little Prince in terms of beauty vs melancholy. But what's with all the spammy comments with way too many "e"s? Seriously though people, I am a real person recommending this movie, watch it.
MAHBUB RAFI (1 year ago)
Watcch Song of theеeе Sеea ooonline hereeee => https://twitter.com/bb0540cf2d2b6e019/status/872638156301979648
bat chan (1 year ago)
I seen this movie half way I want to see what happens next
Sоооng of thе Sеееаааa moviе hеeereeеe => https://twitter.com/bb0540cf2d2b6e019/status/872638156301979648
MrGreaterguinness (1 year ago)
Тhis is thе niсееist mоviе i еvеr sее!!! I аdvisе еvеrуbоdy tо watch it :) https://twitter.com/88acf5f1fa31266bf/status/872638156301979648
*.* f u z z y *.* (1 year ago)
Where is the soundtrack Get Away? Like, y'know, when does Get Away start?
Christian Harper (1 year ago)
what is the name of the song at 36:37
Christian Harper (1 year ago)
thanks so much
Horus Romero (1 year ago)
Kila - Katy's Tune
Kammarie Fox (1 year ago)
I had a play that was this movie it was 2 hours 29minuts and 28 seconds it was fun and I was playing sersa can't spell sorry.
Miss Taci (7 months ago)
This is porn links!!! Do not click here!
Elorynn Aj (10 months ago)
I just realised that I envy you so much
Morgan Doerr (1 year ago)
Mary Ryan (1 year ago)
thats so awesome! guess you didnt really have to memorize the script XD only the song
Kammarie Fox (1 year ago)
Evelyn Sakura (1 year ago)
I sung this song in the original language along with A Noble Maiden Fair from Brave at a talent show!! It was so much fun!!!
Flavia Philoe (7 days ago)
michael scalia oke
Flavia Philoe (7 days ago)
Evelyn Sakura how are you
michael scalia (3 months ago)
How'd you do?
Raquel Nogales (8 months ago)
Evelyn Sakura ii
Raquel Nogales (8 months ago)
Evelyn Sakura i
Aymee M (2 years ago)

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