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What is product design and Industrial design?

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What is product design and Industrial design? this video is an introduction to the field of product design and its study and future prospects. https://akshaykhandalkar.wordpress.com/2017/04/14/7-must-read-books-for-industrial-and-car-design/ Please Check out MORE of my work : Blog ---- https://akshaykhandalkar.wordpress.com/2017/05/17/stuff-to-buy-for-design-exams-preparation/ https://akshaykhandalkar.wordpress.com/2017/04/14/7-must-read-books-for-industrial-and-car-design/ https://akshaykhandalkar.wordpress.com/2017/04/14/top-5-books-for-visual-design-graphic-designers/ https://akshaykhandalkar.wordpress.com/2017/04/20/top-5-books-for-animators-and-fashion-designers/ https://akshaykhandalkar.wordpress.com/2017/06/13/educational-tools-and-toys-for-designers/ Facebook--- https://www.facebook.com/groups/GNIDFD/ Quora --- https://www.quora.com/profile/Akshay-Khandalkar Instagram -- https://www.instagram.com/addylabs/ Portfolio 1 -- https://www.behance.net/akshay_k Portfolio 2 -- http://www.coroflot.com/akshay22 Subscribe for similar Design related, Fun and Educational tutorials, DIY Guide, Career growth, well-being and motivation.
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MOHAMMED AZEEM (3 months ago)
for sure they are same. But, when I search product design I come across UI/UX design In most cases from the software sector as it is also related to customers.
PARTH PANCHAL (5 months ago)
Should i join product design if i have commerce background?
Addylabs (5 months ago)
Start reading design books and practice product sketching daily
PARTH PANCHAL (5 months ago)
What efforts i have to make for if it is my true passion?
Addylabs (5 months ago)
Ideally no
Zaheer Jafar (7 months ago)
Finally I got the right answer
Sara Khan (8 months ago)
What type of jobs would a person be landed if he's from commerce stream doing product design since people from the engineering background are preferred in big companies?
Varun Raj (11 months ago)
Sir i am BA passout student can i apply for mdes transportation design
Milind Ramteke (1 year ago)
Beds + Mdes vs BTech/BE + Mdes, which is better
Nosakhare Iyamu (1 year ago)
Addylabs...all I want to say is you are blessed for this video...you have helped alot of people including myself ....I have liked commented and shared ..you are great for this
Addylabs (1 year ago)
+Nosakhare Iyamu thanks :) my mission is to help people find a good suitable career 8n design and creative industry.
iam.sangeet (1 year ago)
What do u thing is better Doing engineering and then coming to bdes or directly going for bdes
indraniel biswas (1 year ago)
1:43 sir which option u clicked which brings us the section of what will we study and where will work. I am not able to find. Please reply. Yours faithfully.
Sudarshan G.S (1 year ago)
Such a helpful video Sir. Thank you!
Mihir shah (1 year ago)
Sir, i am from Commerce background in 12th CBSE having economics, business studies and accountancy with fine arts. NID has no restrictions for entry of students from any subject backgrounds. So, would i be rejected for being a commerce student.
Artsy Harsh (6 months ago)
Mihir shah I am from Humanities 😁😁
mayuree bharatee (1 year ago)
Thank you so much your vedios are really helpful as I belong from small town here people don't know that such education is also there
Neha's KitChen (1 year ago)
If I will complete my B.des from product designing.then am I eligible for master?
Addylabs (1 year ago)
+Neha Chakrawarti yes you are
Addylabs (1 year ago)
Neha's KitChen (1 year ago)
Is it necessary to do engineering before product designing?
alx64gr (4 months ago)
+Addylabs Ah OK, should be mentioned so that people don't get the wrong idea.
Addylabs (4 months ago)
Depends on the college, i am most talking about NID
alx64gr (4 months ago)
+Addylabs I've been looking for masters for product/industrial design and a lot do not require engineering.
Addylabs (1 year ago)
+Neha Chakrawarti for masters yes, for undergraduates no.
Michael K (1 year ago)
The Ux/Ui guys are now also calling themselves product designers, (a simple youtube search will show you this) they design the digital experience of products.... So now a website/app/software is also a product (anything with a screen). A lot of people think that the future of Industrial design lies somewhere down this road. If that's true Industrial designers will need to learn a new skill set like some coding languages, Ux/UI, wireframing, psychology.....What do think yourself? Any thoughts?
Addylabs (1 year ago)
+Michael K yes, what you mentioned is true but the actual 3d product non IT designers, industrial designers will be always there because our world is still very much tangible and material dependent, its just the information that we use more but that does not eliminate the need of a good chair, bed and toothbrush right?
Rajath Ts (1 year ago)
Sir Which are the other universities that offer industrial design apart from NID and IIT? Any private institutions?
Addylabs (1 year ago)
soon will make a video for this as well
Addylabs (1 year ago)
+rajath t.s many are private colleges are there just Google.
Vishal Singh (1 year ago)
Animation n graphic
rabeena kashyap (1 year ago)
1st viewer😁😁😁

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