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Top-10 Biggest Interior Design Trends and Home Decorating Trends 2018

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If you're new, Subscribe! → http://bit.ly/2gehsmc Top-10 Biggest Interior Design Trends and Home Decorating Trends! New tends in interior design 2018: 0:01 - 1. Earthy neutrals, organics interior design. Home design with brown colors of natural wood, modern home decor using dark woods materials, decorating with organic design, grey colors in interior and light modern living room furniture. 1:25 - 2. Relaxed rustic home decor. Farmhouse rustic kitchen design, coastal living room with wooden crafts, rustic bedroom decorations using centerpiece with a tray, candles and vase. 2:41 - 3. Geometric shelves on walls: hexagonal cube wall shelves and honeycomb shelves, geo wall designs and floating shelves. 3:51 - 4. Monochromatic interior design: bold colors or monochrome tones in home decor. 5:07 - 5. Big flower patterns - new beautiful interior trends. 5:58 - 6. Greenery on blush pink, dark green in room decor. Green velvets are heating up again the interior design 2018. 7:13 - 7. Art and Crafts in rooms. Driftwood wall decorating in rustic style, diy recycled wood furniture and handmade decorating using recycled materials and old items. 8:51 - 8. Brights colors in Interior Design - add colorful accents in minimalist interior. 10:18 - 9. Painting the walls with murals and decorations with watercolor wallpapers - latest interior trends. 11:38 - 10.Simple shapes and metal furniture in interior designs. Metal furniture creates a beautiful look with wood home decorating and warm colors in interior. Cool ideas of home decoration, kitchen, bathroom, living room, bedroom, kids room - watching on video!
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Fadzil ZA (3 months ago)
2018 trend = Scandinavian
Home Cents With Nell (9 months ago)
Good ideas and nice music, too.
MsLoverBunny (9 months ago)
Nice selection...well done
Kiki (9 months ago)
LOVED The 1st Half Of The Video, And Nothing In The 2nd Half. Only My Opinion...
Karinka Oli (9 months ago)
Thanks for "like" and watching my video Top-10 Biggest Interior Design Trends and Home Decorating Trends 2018"

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