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HD Aerial footage of israel: Sea of Galilee 30i

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Highlight Films new Aerials footage library of Israel presents: Sea of Galilee. All our footage is available for licensing. Visit our updated aerials stock footage of israel at: https://highlight-films.myshopify.com/collections/jerusalem-aerial-footage-filmed-form-helicopters
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P Atchanna (1 month ago)
gg gg (4 years ago)
wow super video.
paul ward (5 years ago)
This brought back some memories. The opening sequence featured the Clifftop of Arbel...Jewish Zealots hid in caves over that Cliff as Roman Legions camped on the plain above trying to get them to give up in 70A.D. I worked on a Moshav there, Kfar Hittin...and my Farmer found over 300 Roman coins in that area. He also found a Medallion with the name Saladin on it....not unusal since the Battle of Hattin was fought close to there in 1187, where the great leader defeated a Crusader Army.

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